Intelligence remote control Bait boat

Intelligence remote control Bait boatHOT

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Dual mode wireless remote control

Provided with 433MHZ and 2.4GWi-Fi dual-mode control manners, by use of the advantages and disadvantages of two wireless modes, and meeting the characteristics of data bandwidth and transmission stability, up to 1000 meters(note1) of transmission distance

Note 1 * This is the test values under standard state, the transmission distance is also affected by climate conditions, obstructions and other objective and natural factors

Dual frequency sonar fish-finder

Dual probe design with sonar frequency of 125KHz and 200KHz, which can achieve more accurate detection resolution and to achieve the maximum 100 meters (Note 2) of the detection depth, intelligent identification of large, medium and small fish, the fish resolution accuracy can be 0.1 meters and the riverbed structure can be accurately identified.

Note 2 * The test condition is the fresh water with turbidity less than 5JTU;

Dual-satellite positioning system

Dual-satellite positioning system with GPS and Beidou Satellite, positioning is more accurate and quick, up to 24 points of information storage and transfer, the automatic navigation and automatic return of each position point can be realized;

Integrated remote control with high integration density

All hull control, GPS, sonar detection and other functions are integrated in the remote control to display and operate, and there is no need to add the remaining equipment and display instruments;

Electronic compass + electronic gyroscope

Equipped with electronic compass and gyroscope, which can control the ship travelling direction more precisely and rapidly, and better maintain the hull operation attitude

Internal water-proof &moisture-proof design

All internal circuit boards are sealed and protected with aluminum shell and plastic shell and protection measures are taken at the interface, so that the internal circuit is of moisture-proof and water-proof equivalent to grade IPX5;

Waterproof brushless DC motor(Note 3)

Grade IP68 DC waterproof motor is used, even if the motor is immersed in water it can ensure the safe and stable operation of the motor, the motor is energy-efficient with high efficiency

Obstacle avoidance (Note 3)

Obstacle avoidance system detects the obstacles in direction of forward motion by laser obstacle avoidance and ultrasonic obstacle avoidance. The automatic obstacle avoidance at the speed no more than 1.6m/s within 3m of effective range can be achieved;

Note 3 * This is customized according to customer's special requirements

Intelligence remote control Bait boat
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